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Have you sold your art? Ready to take your art sales to the next level?

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Have you sold your art? Ready to take your art sales to the next level?

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Day 1

Increase Your Focus 

You'll learn where to start to sell more art, and you'll increase your focus and confidence.

Day 2

Gain A Profitable Perspective

You'll see how it's more than just possible to sell 80% more art and keep 100% of your money.

Day 3

Learn How to 4X Your Art Sales

You'll learn how referrals are 4X more likely to buy and spend more money on your fine art.

Day 4

Revised Art History Lessons

You'll learn why famous artists landed in the art history books and others didn't, The 4-Part Code.

Day 5

How To Find Your Niche 

You'll see how our community is using The 4-Part Code to find their niche and sell more art.

What They Don't Teach In Art School & Can't Teach In Business School 


Once upon a time, a prestigious* art school granted a hopeful 17 year old artist a scholarship.

What Ann Rea didn't know was that she would be learning how to make art for the next five years but not how to make money.

Less than two years after graduating she was working a dull corporate job that left no time or energy for creative expression. 

Every day, for over 14 years, Ann endured long commutes and dreaded meetings with her "Team Leader" nicknamed "Snotty Scotty." Every year that Ann drifted farther away from her art marked a decline in her sense of purpose and self-confidence.

One day, Ann and her co-worker Angela sat complaining about their jobs again. But, Angela was fragile from dealing with Stage-4 cancer.

Because of that, Ann redirected the conversation by asking Angela...

"If you had a magic wand that could ensure your success, what would you do?"

Angela said, "I'd be an interior designer. I love design."

"What's stopping you?"

After a long pause, Angela said, "I'm too afraid."

"Are you more afraid of becoming an interior designer than you are of Stage 4 cancer?"

Because of that, Ann became less afraid of dying and more afraid of not living. She decided to turn her dream of being a successful artist into a plan.

Ann started working with art galleries. But they demanded exclusivity agreements even though they were:

  • not selling enough of her art
  • taking 50% in sales commissions
  • discounting her art
  • preventing her from contacting her collectors, an illegal but common practice

Until finally, Ann quit her job and moved to San Francisco to become a full-time artist. The first thing she did was fire her representatives. 

Ann tried conventional sales and marketing until she realized that she wasn't selling goods or services. Her "product" is emotion. 

So Ann reviewed art history and studied luxury marketing. She discovered a pattern that shapes every successful artists' niche, The 4-Part Code.©

Ann wrote a plan to sell over $100,000 of her art during her first year as a full-time artist. She sold $103,246 of her art without:

  • representation
  • connections
  • family support
  • trust fund

For over 15 years, Ann has been helping 23 different types of fine artists from 21 countries and counting. 

Ann Rea's art, and business savvy, have been featured on ABC, HGTV, Creative Live, The Good Life Project, in Career Renegade, and by the San Francisco Chronicle, The Wine Enthusiast, Art Business News, Fortune, and Inc. Magazines. Ann's mentor, Wayne Thiebaud, an art icon, praises her artistic talent.

Ann's vision is to help over 10,000 artists take their power back in less than ten years from the scarcity and permission-based art establishment.

*Prestige is a French word meaning deceit.


 I promise you if the galleries are struggling, they’re not going to tell you when your art is selling.

-Artist Linzy Arnott 

These are steps that you can take and you can practice and you can make art and be happy. And sell it! 

-Artist Laurel Greenfield 

This turns business-speak into art-speak and art-speak into business-speak.

- Artist Peter Cimpoe

If you go ahead and do it now, then you'll be where you want to be a lot faster.

-Leah Smithson

This is for you if:

  • you're ready to ditch art representatives who aren't selling enough of your art
  • you're tired of the time, expense, effort, and risk that goes with expensive art shows
  • advertising is costing you more money that it's making
  • you want to sell more art, make more money, and do it with more ease
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Sell Even More Fine Art Today

By Joining The Free 5-Day Challenge (Live)

Starting Tuesday, January 4, 2022 at12:00 -12:30 pm PST

  • No art galleries.
  • No art shows.
  • No advertising.
  • No B.S.

Have you sold your art? Ready to take your art sales to the next level?