Gallery closed or show canceled?

There are no words to describe how disappointing this is AND scary!

BUT… there’s still hope.

See, I’ve been there. 

During the 2008-2009 recession, over half of the art galleries in the United States closed FOREVER!

The good news is that collectors prefer to support artists by buying from you directly. It gives them something they value called "conversational currency."

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Don't know where to focus?

My guess is you probably don't have a roadmap to sell and market your art.

They don't teach us how to sell our art in art school, and they can't teach us this in business school. That's because artists don't sell goods or services; we create "emotion."

When you don't know what to focus on you may end up spinning in your thoughts.  Which leads to not doing anything or worse.  AND, this erodes vital self-confidence. Let's face it; confidence sells.

Does sales and marketing feel sleazy?

Sometimes we can sell and market other things, but we have a brain freeze when we try to sell and market our art.

It doesn't help that our culture insists that artists shouldn't care about money and that they're incapable of running a business. 

We're also told that art should sell itself, but you know that nothing sells itself. If you want to make money from your art you can't just show your art, you must sell it.

Want To Sell More Art?

Fire your rep. Find your niche.

People who care about art care about the artist, not the middleman.

What's making it hard for artists to make art and make money?


Art galleries are closing, and art shows are canceling. Many artists are uncertain of where to start to sell more art.


The scarcity and permission-based art establishment is broken. Representatives are taking 50% or more in sales commissions, and they are discounting art. 


Many artists don't know their niche. So even though juried shows and art contests are typically rigged, artists are paying to enter because they hope to gain exposure and validation. Contest organizers accept more entries than they can't possibly critique yet the organizers are accountable to no. Artists are literally paying for unnecessary rejection. The only ones who win juried shows and art contests are the organizers.


Art galleries are forcing many artists into exclusivity agreements, which is preventing artists from selling more art. 


Representatives; are not allowing artists to contact their collectors. Thus, artists can’t build relationships with their collectors, and they can't cultivate referrals to other collectors.


However, real relationships equal revenue. Artists can sell over 80% more art through referrals, on average, and keep 100% of their money. Referral sales are more accessible, more organic, and they don't feel pushy.


Affluent collectors always make money in up and down markets. The pandemic has the affluent remodeling and or relocating, so they are buying art today. People who care about art care about the artist, not the middleman. 


Conventional sales and marketing strategies don't work for artists because artists aren't selling goods or services. Our product is emotion. Right now, there's a lot of inspiration.

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Imagine learning how to sell more art 

without art galleries or art shows.


You'll have a proven roadmap to selling and marketing your art so that you know what to focus on.

You'll have several study partners, of your choosing. No more competitive, jealous, or snobby artists. 

You'll learn how to define achievable goals and get more done faster and with more ease.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

You're in the right place, my friend, keep reading. : )

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Tip. Selling isn't about pushing. It's about listening and helping. 

Tip. Knowing your mission takes the sting out of rejection.

Tip. Our students sell their homework, and so they don't need a body of work.

Making Art Making Money

Fire your rep. Find your niche.

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Sharon McNeil

Seattle, Washington

"I am an art professor. Your program has it all, the idea of The New Creative Class, The 4-Part Code, and the pragmatic approach to identifying a niche with the Prototype Project."

Karina Jane Buckingham

Perth, Western Australia

"I’ve sold $12,900 AUS of art since enrolling. Plus I’ve saved $1,420 saying no to competitions, group shows, art fairs etc so all together that’s $14,320 Aussie. So way over my tuition fee already. Very happy artist."

Ken Rivard

Boston, Massachusetts

"I just sold four photographs for a total of $5000 to go in a restaurant. It really is worth knowing your own value - no discounts! Just trust the process and go with it. You will end up in a place that you'll be happy about."

Some Artists Are Selling More Art Today

Because of the pandemic, instead of vacationing, affluent collectors are remodeling and buying additional residences so they're buying art.

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Making Art Making Money 

Life Before & After 

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  1. Have you been paying entry fees for art shows and or 30% to 50% in sales commissions?
  2. Are you continuously posting your art online but getting little or no sales?
  3. Have you donated your art, entered art contests and or juried shows hoping for exposure and validation?
  4. Is your art priced correctly? Are you discounting your art?
  5. Do you think that you need to sell yourself or "get your art out there?"
  6. Unsure of who wants to buy your art, why they want to buy it, and therefore uncertain of where to find more collectors?
  7. Do you have some negative feelings about sales and marketing?
  8. Can you confidently converse with affluent collectors about buying your art?


  1. You'll learn how you can cultivate 80% more sales and keep 100% of your money.
  2. You'll learn how to create online content that inspires.
  3. You'll learn three steps to price your art for a fair profit.
  4. You'll learn the two simple secrets of luxury marketing.
  5. You'll learn why you must stop competing with other artists.
  6. You'll start guiding authentic conversations to sell in seven simple steps so you can identify your niche.
  7. You'll learn how to motivate your collectors to sell for you without being pushing or sleazy.
  8. Finally, you'll find your Why, your creative purpose, in only 28 days.
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You'll Have Support

Although this is a self-paced self-study program, you'll have access to me; I'm an artist and expert mentor, a friendly community of Study Partners, and live weekly Q&A classes. 

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Live Group Calls

Private Class Forum

Study Partners

Linzy Arnott

Vancouver, British Columbia

"I promise you if the galleries are struggling, they're not going to tell you when your art is selling. I found out they've sold over $60,000 of my art and I haven't received any of that money."

Felisa Massey

Orlando, Florida

"Do whatever it takes to get the money up, even if it takes a while to get it. Do it because it will be the best decision that you've ever made in your life and it will change your life."

Marie Bender

Ambler, Pennsylvania

"I feel so f*cking empowered. I can't even tell you. I remember the days of selling something for $1000 and saying "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah." But I just sold my last painting for $25,000. I'm not offering any discounts."

How Long Will It Take?

  • Each mini-lesson is under 5 minutes each. Most students can complete the program by studying 2 to 3 hours a week in about three to four months they implement what they're learning at their own pace.

  • Others might want to take a few extra months to review. There's no rush and no right or wrong amount of time. You'll have access to the program for an entire year.

  • Please note. This program isn't a "quick fix."

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Learn On The Go

  • You can complete the program from the comfort of your couch, kitchen table, or art studio as long as you have a connection to the Internet.
  • The entire program is entirely digital so that you can access it from anywhere through our private course portal.
  • We record our live classes where you may submit questions if you can't make it. So that you won't miss a beat.
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Now's The Time

  • There's never been a better time to sell more of your art.
  • Affluent collectors are postponing their vacations because of the pandemic. Instead, they’re remodeling their homes and buying additional residences. What does that mean for you? They’re buying more art.
  • If you wait, it will be harder to compete with other artists who are figuring out how to sell more art without representation.
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Are We A Match?

We're a match if you're:

  1. selling your art, and you want to learn how to sell more.
  2. taking full responsibility for your success and failures.
  3. don't want to try to "sell yourself."
  4. friendly and coachable.
  5. willing to trust a proven process.
  6. willing to spend two to three hours a week learning.
  7. willing to work with Study Partners of your choosing.
  8. able to dig deep emotionally and express your true self.
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We're not a match if you're:

  1. unwilling to follow directions, and you hate technology.
  2. looking for representation.
  3. desperate to make money immediately.
  4. still hoping to be "discovered" or be rescued from your responsibilities to sell and market your art.
  5. unwilling to examine your limiting beliefs and learn from your inevitable failures.
  6. snobby, dishonest, jealous, rude, whiny, or entitled.
  7. so skeptical that you're unwelcoming to expert support.
  8. emotionally or psychologically fragile because as an artist your "product" is emotion and you'll need to explore your emotions in this program.

Making Art Making Money

Fire your rep. Find your niche.

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You Have Two Choices

Where do you want to be three months or a year from now?

Do you have a focused, written, step-by-step plan to get you there that you are confident in?

Do you think that you'll be better off trying to figure it out all on your own?

  1. You can muddle together a self-made plan that might pay off after several years of trying. However, the chances are that you'll lose out on real opportunities to sell your art, and you'll waste even more time and money. 
  2. You can borrow my proven step by step program and get to where you want to be faster and with more ease.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Inspired This Program?

Two years after graduating from art school Ann Rea stopped making art. She had to start making money to pay back her student loan debt.

Sixteen years later, she decided to turn her dream of being an artist into a plan. Ann quit a dull corporate job and moved to San Francisco. She wrote a plan to sell over $100,000 of her art during her first year as a full-time artist. Ann sold $103,246 of her art without any:

  • representation
  • connections
  • financial or family support

Ann knew a young woman who graduated from the San Francisco Academy of Art with over $200,000 worth of inescapable student loans. Her father lost his job and then her mother passed away from pancreatic cancer. She graduated with no marketable skills or job prospects, which ignited Ann's mission to help artists take their power back from the scarcity and permission-based art establishment.

Ann's vision is to help over 10,000 artists learn how to sell their art without feeling like a sell-out in less than ten years.

Ann Rea's art, and business savvy, have been featured on ABC, HGTV, Creative Live, The Good Life Project, in Career Renegade, and by the San Francisco Chronicle, Art Business News, Fortune, and Inc. Magazines. Ann's mentor, Wayne Thiebaud, an art icon, praises her artistic talent.

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Peter Cimpoe

Coquitlam, British Columbia

"This program turns business-speak into art-speak and art-speak into business-speak. You have to invest in yourself. You need a roadmap. Do this. You won't look back on this your investment. I didn't pay anything for the program. I made it back already."

Michelle Thompson

Jackson, Wisconsin

"Make a decision. Don't be indecisive. Go for it. What you get out of this program is just more than the money itself. I renewed for a year. I'm so glad to be a part of this right now because of what's going on outside of us that's larger than us. This community of artists and people to connect with has been just awesome."

Sarah Pirrottina

Geelong West, Victoria, Australia

"I was one of those ones. I did all the free classes that you offered. I thought 'Yeah, that's all I need. There's heaps of information here.' But this program - it just blows my mind and I didn't think I would get out of it what I have already and I'm not even complete yet. There's a lot of good advice and community."

How Will You Graduate?

Graduation Requirement

  • You'll graduate by selling enough of your art during your final project to pay for your tuition, at a minimum. 
  • During your final project, you'll start to determine your unique niche.
  • You'll sell your art, or you won't. But you'll learn why you did sell your art and why you didn't. 
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